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      Address: No. 8, Lane 1226, Zhennan Road, Taopu Town, Shanghai
      Tel: 021-59509988
      Sales hotline: 021-56548858 56548868 56311386
      Fax: 021-56087633
      email: boli@boli-sh.com
      Web: http://www.reallyurl.com

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           About Us                   

      Shanghai Boli Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. (formerly Shanghai Boli Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2000, located in Xinghuo Development Zone, Fengxian District, Shanghai, and focused on manufacturing automobile gears in early days. In 2003, the Company changed its name into Shanghai Boli Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. and entered into the speed reducer sector, mainly engaging in the R&D, production and selling of speed reducers. Currently, it is one of the domestic manufacturers with the most comprehensive varieties and specifications of transmission machinery. Taking Shanghai as its R&D and marketing center, “Boli” brand has successively built two production bases in Anhui and Jiangsu with the former producing four series of three-in-one gear reducer motors and the latter producing H/B series heavy industrial gear boxes and epicyclic gear boxes, which enables more professional and rational products, more guaranteed quality and shorter delivery period.

      Since its establishment, the Company has always abided by the principle of quality first, sincere service and win-win cooperation and been dedicated to provide customers with first-class transmission solutions.

      Main products of the Company: a dozen of series products including R series coaxial helical gear reducers; F series parallel axis helical gear reducer motors; K series vertical axis helical – spiral bevel gear reducer motors; S series vertical axis helical gear – worm gear – worm reducer motors; T series spiral bevel gear – angle gear steering boxes; H/B heavy industrial gear boxes; NGW/P series heavy epicyclic gear boxes; SWL series screw lifts; RV series light aluminum alloy shell worm gear – worm reducers; and MB series mechanical continuously variable transmission etc., with a power coverage of 0.06KW-6000KW and a transmission ratio of 1-30000.

      Our products are widely applied to: mechanical transmission fields such as metallurgical mire, petrochemical industry, port shipping, lifting transportation, railway vehicle, construction and building materials, textile dyeing & printing, food and beverage, Pharmaceutical tanning, tobacco, package, papermaking, energy, electricity, environmental protection, coal, engineering machinery, glass machinery, woodworking machinery, and light and heavy industry like ceramics.

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